Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about SureSet Securement. If you’re looking for additional information, please contact us here.

SureSet is compatible with most catheters.

Almost. The SureSet stabilization device is contraindicated in patients with known allergies to adhesives or tapes.

Make sure that, if present, your push-off tab is facing straight up. The SureSet Device has a push-off tab slot that should engage with the tab once placed.

No, SureSet is a single-use device.

Yes, SureSet can be used on various PIV insertion sites.

No, the tubing can be changed while the device is still in place.

You do need to extend your insertion site alcohol prep or chlorhexidine prep widely to both sides to cover the securement site. This is a necessary step to cleanse the skin before the SureSet device is placed.

Yes, we are planning on launching a pediatric and neonatal version of the device in the near future.

No. If desired, the SureSet device can be removed while the catheter is held in place.

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